“Touching the lives of needy children in Haiti with fully paid tuition, meals, and school supplies for the entire school year.”

Risen Messiah Ministries provides financial assistance for the teachers, Administrators, Teacher Aids and school supplies for the school :

Helem Kindergarten and Primary School located in  Limbe, Haiti.

The school has grown to over 100 children with ten teachers and one administrator on staff.  It was birthed out of the devastating fallout from the earthquake in 2012. The children are being provided a quality Christian education.

The school is located in an impoverished rural area where the illiteracy rate is 80%.

Without our support these children most likely would not be able to attend school or have more than one meal a day.

Sponsor this Ministry

The Haiti school children need you. Just $175.00 will pay for a tuition and meals for one child for the entire school year. Were it not for Risen Messiah Ministries ( a ministry of CRM), these children would most likely not be able to attend school or have enough to eat.

For Months.